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The story of the Baton Rouge International School began fifteen years ago when a group of educators decided to bring international education to Louisiana. This group conducted extensive research and studies on the subject and developed a rigorous multilingual curriculum based on international academic standards that expose children to global cultures through modern languages, technology and traditional academic subject area disciplines. The project gained huge support from many community and business leaders in the Baton Rouge area interested in innovative educational ideas that will benefit the children of Louisiana while living locally, thinking globally, and communicating wisely.

Baton Rouge International School (BRIS) was established in 1999 and opened its doors in the Baton Rouge area in 2000. A foreign language camp was held in June and the first school year commenced in August. The first phase of the academic program was a pre-elementary school (Preschool, 1, 2, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten). In 2001, the elementary school was initiated and a first grade was opened. In each following year, a new grade has been added. BRIS graduated its first class in 2013.

The independent, non-profit school is in its 15th year of operation and is the only school in Louisiana to offer a full immersion program in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese. The multilingual program along with technology education and a rigorous international curriculum enriches the lives of young learners of today helping them to understand other cultures and succeed in the global economy of the future.

We welcome any forms of support that will allow us to move forward with our vision of world-class school in Baton Rouge that represents a great asset for our city and our state.